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Speed is safety in the mountains!

A sharp ice screw can be placed much more quickly & with less energy than a dull one. A sharp ice screw also provides a more secure placement as it causes less fracturing of the surrounding ice. And let's face it, if you NEED to get in a screw, you want it to go in easily and quickly. The most efficient way to place an ice screw is in your batting range (waist to chest and in front of you), but that's not always possible. Sometimes you want a placement above you and to the side while in a delicate stance. You WANT it to go in like a BRAND NEW SCREW!

With a background as a bench jeweler for over 20 years and over 15 years ice climbing experience, my rigorous attention to detail & acute understanding of placement dynamics means that you get a professionally sharpened screw that will place like a new one!

I've had amazing success sharpening screws. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they work like new, if not better (I've taken many old and trashed screws and made them work like a brand new screw. My partners will attest to this!), after I get done with them.

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*I offer different kinds of sharpening, ice screw cuts and custom work.* Click here for more info! 

*I will also purchase your old ice screws for $5 each.* If you have any old screws sitting in a box collecting dust, please put them to good use and sell them to me! Please contact me regarding this.

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