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Services Offered -

these are some of the main services that I offer. Please contact me with any questions.

 I will sharpen your screws to "like new" condition. The cost is $8.50 per screw. Following the original tooth pattern, I will sharpen the teeth and make sure that they all are the same height for optimal cutting. I will remove any burs and rust from the threads and finish with a light coat of oil. I will also send each freshly sharpened screw back to you with a new vinyl cap! Most screws only require a basic sharpening. If in doubt, just send me what you have and we will discuss your options! (Some screws may have been trashed beyond belief. Perhaps you hammered or screwed it really hard in to a crack causing bent, gnarled teeth? Maybe you had a questionable professional or home sharpening, destroying the original symmetry? Depending on how badly the screw has been manked, it may require more love. Though there are a couple of possibilities, it will require my evaluation first. I will discuss this with you upon inspection of the screw.)

 Instead of getting a basic sharpen that will bring screws back to their original factory cut, I will re-cut your screw to match the aggressive bite and angles of the latest screw patterns(screw manufacturers to remain nameless!). The cost for this custom work is $24 per screw. Think of it as an upgrade! Examples of this work can be found on the "Sexy Pics" page. Many people with the old-school tooth pattern use this service to upgrade to the new er, more aggressive teeth.

I can take that 10cm screw and cut it to a Super Stubby for really thin ice. The work on these babies cost $30 in addition to providing the screw. I'm finding that most people want 6cm to 7cm finished stubbies. There are a couple of examples of this work on the "Sexy Pics" page.

I will sharpen your ice axe picks by hand using files to gain the original angles and finished with a light coat of oil. If you would like, please specify if you want any teeth removed or beveled.

Crampon Front-Points and/or Crampon Frames -

Depending on your needs, you can send me just the front points to sharpen OR the entire crampon to have the frames sharpened as well. All of this work is done using hand files to re-create the original angles and finished with a light coat of oil. 

 For $1 per screw, I will engrave your initials in the hanger for easy identification. (This is a very low-profile, scratching on the surface so as not to compromise the hanger. Work is performed delicately with a micro grinding wheel. I don't allow the metal to get hot, or even warm, for that matter).

Custom Work -

 Some possibilities include retro-fitting speed knobs on to older style screws or speed tabs on a crampon buckle for faster and easier removal. There are pictures of some of my custom work on the "Sexy Pics" page.

I will purchase your old screws for $5 a piece -

 If you have old screws sitting around collecting dust (or rust), I will purchase them for $5 each. It pains me greatly to think of gear not getting used, so put it to good use by selling it to me! Please contact me regarding this.

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