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       *I will add return shipping costs upon evaluation of your gear*

Please let me know any specifics you need for return shipping and DO NOT send a prepaid USPS return label as it must be used within a few days of it's purchase.

Ship Directly To Me at:

A Nice Screw

PO Box 946

Stone Ridge, NY 12484

Drop-off/Pick-up at Rock and Snow in New Paltz, NY:If you live in the area or are driving by, please feel free to drop off your gear at Rock and Snow. Please put gear in a box or bag and write "A Nice Screw - Gear Sharpening - 315-651-6332". The store number for Rock and Snow is 845-255-1311. Please check their website at for location and store hours. You can also have them returned to Rock and Snow for pick-up to avoid shipping charges. Please specify what you'd like me to do! * IMPORTANT - Make sure that you contact me so I know when to pick them up! Either call 315-651-6332 or email me at *


I am not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during shipping, so I recommend that you pack your screws carefully by wrapping them in newsprint or something similar and insuring your package for the value of it's contents. Sharpening an item will not compromise its functionality or safety. It will only make it easier, and therefore, safer to use. I do not modify or inspect any parts that deal with it's structure or safety.(ex: I don't inspect screw hangers, stress fractures in picks, etc.). If an item should fail after I have sharpened it, it would only do so because of a manufacturer defect or improper use or adjustment.

If you have truly destroyed any of the gear seemingly beyond repair, please contact me (or send it) and I'll assess the situation. I'm not Harry Potter with a magic wand, and I can't fix everything. If you have bent the tube, you might by S.O.L. If you have bent the teeth, I can probably fix it! Please be sure and leave your contact info!

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